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What this tool does

FFmpeg can be enabled to compile with the Intel-C++-compiler. Now, after building FFmpeg with its configure-script and make, we use the information produced by make (and the dependency-information stored in .d-files) in order to create a VisualStudio-project in order to build FFmpeg (with Intel-C++ and YASM) from the VisualStudio-IDE.

More detailed instructions will follow soon - stay tuned!

The synopsis of the tool is:

Usage: MakeVSProject4FFmpeg [options]+

This program creates a VisualStudio-project for building FFmpeg with the
VisualStudio-IDE. You need to specify the output from a dry-run of 'make'
which has been saved to a file (e.g. 'make --dry-run > makelog.txt').
Optionally it also parses the dependency-files so that the header-files are
also included in the VisualStudio-project.

  -p, --projname=VALUE       The name of the VisualStudio-project [default:
  -d, --distdir=VALUE        The folder where the FFmpeg-distribution is
                               located. Only used if the 'parse_includes'-
                               option is used. [default: folder where the
                               makefile-output is located]
  -o, --outputdir=VALUE      The folder where the VisualStudio-projects are to
                               be written to [default: current directory].
  -m, --makefileoutput=VALUE Filename of makefile-output. This argument is
  -i, --parse_includes       Also include headers in the VS-project by parsing
                               the .d-files.
  -8, --x86platform          Include the x86-platform in the solution [default=
  -6, --x64platform          Include the x64-platform in the solution [default=
  -h, --help                 show this message and exit

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